Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Negative feedback - Post 14

Trying to focus on a blog post today while participating in the #WDDCHAT12 while much multi-tasking!

Dealing with negative feedback of any sort about anything can be touchy.  If you come off too defensive you could be seen as aggressive and make the situation worse.  If you come off too passive, you can been seen as not really caring and open yourself up to being walked all over in the future.

However, in all the times in my life where I've had negativeness thrown at me I find that the best path is the quiet path.  No matter how much I've wanted to scream and yell about how they don't understand, or throw things (angry duck anyone?)  Is it really worth the energy?  No.  I end up with a sore throat, weird stares, and rubber ducks everywhere. 

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