Tuesday, November 27, 2012

If I could go anywhere - Post 27

If I could go anywhere I wanted for as long as I wanted with an unlimited cash flow I would go to Sweden. Not only does it look like a pancreas (what.. can't you see it?) I've been told that there is a little church that has a stained glass window with my Great - Grandparents wedding date.
Is it just me, or do you see a pancreas too?
Aside from the family history that I'm sure I would discover, there are a few little things about Sweden that catch my attention.
  1. There are special days set aside for sugary treats:
    1. Cinnamon Roll Day is on October 4
    2. Semlor (buns filled with cream and almond paste) are a speciality on Fat Tuesday
    3. March 25 is for Waffles
    4. Creamy sponge cakes decorated with chocolate or marzipan silhouettes of King Gustov Adolf are the speciality for November 6.
  2. Lördagsgodis (Saturday Candy). This unwritten rule, that is rarely questioned by the younger generation, was originally designated to help with the oral health of the population. It was a suggestion in 1957 by the medical board that Swedes only eat candy once a week.
  3. Pea soup and Pancakes on Thursday. This dates back to World War II, but it's unclear why it started. Maybe because Catholics didn't eat meat on Friday and so they filled up on soup on Thursday. Or maybe because the hand maidens only worked half days on Thursdays and pea soup was easy to make. Who knows, but it does sound interesting.
These special days set aside for certain foods remind me of what my first doctor told me when I was diagnosed. She said to pick three to four days a year where I would "cheat" on my diet. They should be special days. This cheating would give me something to look forward to, and would be more likely to stick to the proper diet the rest of the time. Did it work? For the most part, yes it did/does.
There are things other than the food in Sweden that interest me. It is a sparsely populated country which gives lots of room for national parks and wildlife. I love wildlife. Bears, moose, foxes, birds, etc. The northern lights are visible during the winter and the summers have really long days. They average is 17-18 hours of daylight in July and some places are light 24 hours a day. There is even a royal family! Aren't we all Princes and Princesses?
Well.. this turned into more of a geography lesson than I had intended it to. So let's end this before we all start doodling. I think it's time for a Fika! {Fika = Swedish for coffee break with friends}

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