Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My CGM, George, needed his own space.

Have you ever had so many cords strung across the room that it looked like a spider web?  Me neither, but sometimes it sure can feel like it.

The top cord is for my phone.  The bottom cord is for my CGM*, George.
Yes, there are 5 pairs of slippers here.  The pig ones oink when I walk.

I had been trying to think of something to clean this up.  If I had to get up in the middle of the night I usually knocked 'George', my phone, or both off the headboard, unplugging them in the process.  Something had to change.

Talk about timing!  A couple months back, a friend of mine from high school, Jessica, contacted me about her business.  She is a professional organizer and recommends products from Clever Container.  She asked if I would be willing to bring the catalog into work, and show my friends to see if anyone was interested in anything.  I looked through the catalog and found many things that would organize my house and car.  There was one item that really caught my eye.
Cord Charmer

I immediately had visions of organization.  Or at least visions of less of a spider web effect.  I told Jessica how awesome this item would be and proceeded to explain.  I think I might have rambled on for awhile about cyborg body parts.  Anyways, a couple weeks later I received a Cord Charmer in the mail. (Thank you Jessica!) 

The beginning of the month, my husband said, "Let's get this thing installed.  It can't be that hard." ... and it wasn't.  Here is a step by step picture process:

Step 1: Remove old face plate

Step 2:  Mount Cord Charmer as a regular face plate.

Step 3:  Plug in the cord and wrap the extra around the pegs.
A small rubberband is included to hold the cord in place.
Step 4:  Put cover over the wrapped cord.

Step 5:  Plug in George.
 Viola! George has his own personal recharging zone.  The only remaining problem was that my phone charger still needed to be plugged in, and with the cord container on the right side, it wouldn't work.  The cord would have farther to go, and I would trip over it even more.  SO.....we turned it upside down.

Even though the shelf is curved, thanks to his colorful skin, George doesn't slide off. 
It took all of 15 minutes to have this fully installed and ready to go.  That even includes moving all those slippers.  Maybe that should be my next project.  A slipper organizer.

So much nicer.  Only one cord... and more slippers?
I really need to do something about those.
 One of my concerns about having George that far away at night was the distance.  Was it too far to pick up the signal from the transmitter?  It took a couple days before he needed a charge, and I was never so excited to plug him in and go to sleep.  It was the acid test.  Would he be close enough?  He was!  There were readings throughout the night.  Not all of them were pretty, but they were there, and THAT was the goal of that night.

*CGM = A continuous glucose monitor.  A totally cool device that monitors my glucose levels and tells me if I'm running in the normal, low, or high range. 

Disclosure:  Although I did not pay for my cord charmer it was not in exchange for a review.  In fact Jessica didn't even know I had a blog when she contacted me.  However, when I asked, she gave me permission to post her contact information.  If interested, you may contact her at www.mycleverbiz.com/JessicaLewis.

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