Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Exercise plan for this year

A new year has started.  Many people use this time to make resolutions to be better, exercise more, read more, go back to school, etc. etc.

For me, goals are better than resolutions.  If I don't quite accomplish what I wrote down, it's ok.  I just keep plugging along until I do.  For this reason my best friend and I set new exercise goals.

Last year we had a friendly competition going to see who could walk/run/exercise the most miles each week.  The "winner" had bragging rights and could rub it in all they wanted to.  (I won more weeks that she did.)  It was a lot of fun, but a bit too easy to be lazy.  This year we wanted to up the anti.  Bragging rights is good and all, but sometimes it just isn't enough.  So a few weeks ago (during an all important girl's weekend of pizza, wine, and hair dye) we came up with this year's goals and rules.

There is no arguing that it is winter, and colder, right now.  Yes, I admit, my area is not nearly as cold as others.  I put on a jacket at temperatures that people in other areas are just barely putting on long pants.  However, we did take into consideration the change in seasons (and holidays) when we set our monthly goals. 

Here they are:


Miles ran OR walked count the same
30min workout = 1 mile
Bike riding 3:1 (3 miles equals 1 mile credited because of coasting times)
First person to reach monthly goal gets a $10 gift from the other (must be mailed).
If you fail to reach monthly goal you get a $5 gift card to a cheesy location (ie: Toys R Us)
Person with the most miles at the end of the month has bragging rights.
Person with the most monthly wins at the end of the year gets a $50 gift card to a restaurant of their choice.


January through March = 40 miles
April  through June = 50 miles
July through September = 60 miles
October through December = 40 miles

Now I know those miles look like a lot, and they are...if you try to do them all at one time.  But think about it, just 2 miles a day (which takes me about 30 min to walk during my lunch at work) adds up fast.  20 work days/month X 2 miles = 40 miles  That doesn't count ANY weekend time, or workout time, or running-up-and-down-the-street-with-the-nieces-helping-them-learn-to-ride-a-bike-without-training-wheels time.

We don't have a weight loss goal, or a size of jeans to get back into goal, or anything like that.  This is strictly an exercise accomplishment goal, the "side-effects" are a bonus.

Now.. it's time for my walk, I can't let her reach the goal first on our first month!