Thursday, January 7, 2016

2015 Exercise Wrap-Up and Plan for 2016

Hey everyone... remember me?  The crazy cat/penguin/walking lady who blogs every now and then?

Life got really hectic there for awhile and some things (like this blog) took a back seat.  It happens.

However, I do want to bring my 2015 exercise competition to a close, and I can't do that without wrapping up the reporting here.  I also need to share the 2016 goals.  We've added a core component to keeps things interesting.. and might I add, a bit more painful.

So without further ado here are the remaining 2015 totals (I did end up winning November and December):

October (goal of 50 miles):
Miles walked: 38.98
Minutes exercised: 800 = 26.67
Water intake 29/31 days = 6.75
TOTAL: 72.4 miles
November (goal of 40 miles):
Miles walked: 34.91
Minutes exercised: 630 = 21
Water intake 23/30 days = 4
TOTAL:  59.91 miles
December (goal of 40 miles):
Miles walked: 22.34
Minutes exercised: 1035 = 34.50
Water intake 26/31 days = 5.25
TOTAL:  62.09 miles

Notice the trend?  As the holidays approached we stopped moving and by stopping moving we slowed our water intake.  It really isn't a surprise that the two go hand in hand.

The prize for winning the year (most months won) went to Jenna. 

Winning Months:
      Jenna:                                      Jenn:
      January                                    February
      March                                      April
      May                                         August
      July                                         November
      September                              December
It was a great year.  I am a little bummed that I didn't win my birthday month, but that is totally okay.  Just increasing our activity and water intake it has assured that I'll have more birthday months in my future.
We had so much fun with this competition, not to mention that it's good for us, that we are continuing it.  We have added a core component just to keep things interesting and to add attention to an area that wasn't specifically getting any attention last year.
2016 Rules:
Miles ran OR walked count the same
*30min workout/exercise = 1 mile
*Bike riding 3:1 (3 miles equals 1 mile credited because of coasting time)
*Water intake of 72oz per day is worth .25 mile.  If not completed, must subtracted .25 mile.
*First person to reach monthly goal gets a $10 gift from the other (must be mailed).
*If you fail to reach monthly goal you have to also send a $5 gift card to a cheesy location (ie: Toys R Us)
*Person with the most miles at the end of the month has bragging rights.
*Person with the most monthly wins at the end of the year gets a $50 gift card to a restaurant of their choice
(and here are the additions)
*Once per quarter we must participate in a virtual 5K (the registration fee goes to different charities based on the 5K you choose).  This will be credited as double miles.  If NOT completed, we must donate $40 to a local charity.
*Daily core completed = .20 miles.  If fail to complete we must subtract .20 miles  Daily core consists of squats, planks, crunches, and wall sits.  These increase quarterly as the year progresses.
  • First quarter:  10 squats, ten 10 second planks, 10 crunches, and ten 10 second wall sits
  • Second quarter: 20 squats, ten 20 second planks, 20 crunches, and ten 20 second wall sits
  • Third quarter: 30 squats, ten 30 second planks, 30 crunches, and ten 30 second wall sits
  • Fourth quarter: 40 squats, ten 40 second planks, 40 crunches, and ten 40 second wall sits

2016 Goals:

January through March: 40 miles
April through June = 50 miles
July through September = 60 miles
October = 50 miles
November through December = 40 miles

Once again, our goal is not to necessarily loose weight or fit into a favourite old pair of jeans.  Our goal is to get moving and stay moving.  Moving is key.