Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Life ran away with me

It seems like ever since the beginning of the year I have been running here and there with some sort deadline looming, project due, activity scheduled, company visiting, doctor's appointment, physical therapy, or an unexpected emotional event.  I feel I have been pulled every which way then left to rebound by myself.  I have under-slept, over-worked, under-fed, and over-fed myself. 

I am tired.

Here are the broad strokes:

  • January:  Recovering from the holidays is always tiring.  I also gave a talk at church that first week and had two weekends of company.  Not that big of a deal really, but I'm not a huge fan of public speaking.
  • February: The last day of February, as my daughter was packing up to head back to school after spring break, we discovered that our oldest cat, Flurrie, had not improved from the previous day.  The vet determined that there was nothing that could be done.  So with all of us there we made the toughest decision a pet owner has to make and had her put to sleep.  She was nearly 17 1/2 years old (86 in cat years).
  • March:  Another talk at church.  Lots of energy spent getting my CGM transmitter replaced. (see here and here ). 
  • April:  This month started out very relaxing.  A great trip to Flagstaff to meet up with some ladies I've "met" on Twitter.  Laddie of Test Guess and Go blogged about it here.  It was just what I needed to prepare for the following two weekends.  One was the JDRF walk for our area and the other was my church's annual Easter Outreach.  I sat on the organizing committee for the walk and was the primary contact for the Easter Outreach.

Here's to a month (or more) of no deadlines, projects, talks, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for no more unexpected emotionally sad events.