Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I'm a worry wart

It's true!  I worry about everything.  Yes, everything... well, ALMOST everything.  I don't worry about the sun coming up as I know that will happen every day no matter what I do.  Everything else, you name it and I can tell you a reason why I would worry about it. 

The lump in the carpet:  Is the foundation acting up or just the padding bunching up?
The hollow sound in the garage floor:  Is it really hollow?  A sink hole?  My imagination?
Breakfast:  Will this raise my blood sugar today?  Too high?  Not high enough?  add weight?
Walking:  Why does my foot feel that way?  Do I have enough snacks with me?  Will I drop low?

Did I turn off all the lights in the house before I left?

Did I see all the kitties to make sure no one was trapped in a closet?

Did I pack enough supplies for my two day trip? 

What if my insulin vial breaks?

I have three months of infusion sets in my closet.. will that work, or should I place my order now (I run a bit ahead of the time schedule)?

This doesn't even start to list the worries I have when it comes to my daughter.  She's in college over 5 hours away.  I'll let your imagination run with that one.

However, there are some things I don't worry about. 

The sun:  It will always be there everyday.  It may be behind a cloud or two, but it's still there I can tell.

The moon:  Like the sun, it will be there everyday.  Some days it is hidden behind clouds, or in a shadow, but it is still there.

The earth:  It's still here.  I promise. 

Love:  God's love, my husband's love, my daughter's love... none of these worry me as I know they are just as constant as the sun rising every morning.

And THAT is what keeps me going.