Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How I take time for myself - Post 6

Today's suggested posts were "News-style post" or "Write about a time you had to take he high road", neither one was setting off any ideas for me. So I looked through the "Bonus Prompts" and found one that really fit.

Yesterday I had to leave work early because "Freeda" (my insulin pump) was going to be yelling at me that she was empty. I had only 1 unit left and at .875/hour that wouldn't have lasted long enough with out me shushing her the entire drive home. It is amazing how getting home just 1 hour earlier than normal allows you to get so much more done! I was able to get dinner rewarmed and ready for company that was showing up at 5:30. A load of laundry made it into the machine, and subsequently the dryer so everyone had work uniforms today. Dishes were rinsed/washed and loaded in the dishwasher as appropriate so that the 5 hours I spent scrubbing my kitchen on Sunday wasn't in vain. I got the coffee pot set to auto-run in the morning. My kitties (all three) were talking to me, really loudly, when I put their wet food bowls away, so I spoiled them and gave them a little. They normally only get wet food on Saturday, but I'm a pushover when it comes to my furkids. I also was able to get a batch of bread started. That sounds WAY more impressive than it really is. I have a bread machine, so I just throw in the ingredients and hit start. Three hours later TADA, fresh bread. This has saved my family so much money over the years, not to mention how good the house smells when it is baking.

After all this, I looked at the clock and it was barely 8pm. What?! It is usually 11pm by the time I finish my chores. I even did a double take and checked other clocks just to make sure the one I was looking at was accurate. It was. So... I grabbed my robe, my fuzzy pig slippers, my book.. and hid in my room. Is this taking time for myself? I say yes. Did I specifically arrange it? No, but then again this is about TAKING time not MAKING time, right?

Now.. if I can only figure out how to do that more often. Any suggestions?

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