Monday, November 5, 2012

My #ListOf3 - Post 5

My "List of 3" things I'm thankful for was actually given to me by a very very dear friend of mine back in high school.  I have fallen back on this list of three many times and have shared it, with some modification, with many people.  Over the years, each item has changed as to why I'm thankful for it, but never has it fallen off the list. (WARNING: I get a little sentimental at the end.. you might need a tissue.)

  1. I'm alive - Never can that be a more thankful thing than after being diagnosed with a chronic illness/disease/condition.  I am thankful every morning when I wake up that I'm still alive to be there for my daughter.  Being able to be there for her and watch her grown into the beautiful, special, talented, and totally awesome young woman that she is turning out to be is a complete blessing in and of itself.  I'm alive by the Grace of God and the miracles of medicine.  For that I am eternally greatful. 
  2. The sun is shining - This is one thing that can be taken for granted so easily.  In light of the recent hurricane (bad Sandy) and other storms that have hit/will hit, I am thankful everyday for the sunshine.  In the middle of August when my thermometer says 118, it may be a little harder to be thankful for that same sun, but I just remind myself of those times when it felt like the sun would never come back out and I would never be warm.
  3. I love my husband - I love my husband and I am thankful I do.  Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful that he loves me too, but that isn't in my top three.  This is the one thing that has changed the most since I was diagnosed.  I loved my husband dearly before, but I love him even more now.  I love him when he's laying on the kitchen floor with me waiting for a low to come up.  I love him when he's calling me every hour while I'm at work because I had a glucoaster the day before and he is worried.  I love him when he offers to pick me up a box or 6 of my favorite Oreo cookies at Christmas time (the white fudge covered Oreos only come out at Christmas and they ARE. THE. BEST.), even though he knows they will mess with my levels he knows I deserve a treat sometimes.  I love him when he shares stories about seeing someone with a pump or about correcting an untruth he overheard.  I am thankful that I love him and that he is mine to love. 

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  1. I love the last line in your post. It made me do that silly *sigh*. Cheers to you and your husband!