Thursday, November 8, 2012

A letter to my health - Post 8

Today's suggestion of writing a letter to my health really hits close to home. Throughout the last couple years when I've had stressful situations with people, particularly those close to me, I write them a letter. To this day these letters have never been mailed, and some I have even burned. Will I every mail them? I highly doubt it. The benefit I got from writing them, and being able to say what I needed to say without fear of retribution, was significant. I highly recommend you try it sometime.

Dear Jenn's Health,

I first want to thank you for doing such a good job. There have been many a time when the sniffles have ran through my house and you've been able to fight them off and keep me feeling good. I've only broken two bones in my life time of which only one required a cast.. darn tree.. anyways. Thanks for making my bones strong. My eyesight hasn't changed over the years at all. There was a couple months in junior high when a money hungry optometrist said I needed glasses. That was a yucky couple weeks of wearing them. I'm glad that was over quickly. You have done a good job... almost too good.

I'm not quite sure why you decided that parts of me that I was born with were all of a sudden alien and needed to be destroyed, but you did. Were you being over confident and cocky? I really did need those, they were very important to me. Now, because you were being overly self-assured, I have to watch things more closely myself. I get to spend time with a lot more people. That really nice lady at the top of the stairs who gives me gold star stickers, the not so nice guy in the white coat with a bat on it, the funny guy who thankfully doesn't say, "this little piggy when to market" when checking my feet, and the guy who really should smile more but looks funny anyway when my eyes are dilated.  I am very thankful that I've met all these people, but you didn't have to push the issue.  I would have gotten around to it eventually... maybe.

So I ask one favor of you.  The next time you think something should be killed off that has been with us for as long as we both can remember, check with me first.  If I am not sure, I will consult one of my new friends before I tell you how to proceed.  Either way, it will save us both a lot of work in the future.


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