Monday, November 26, 2012

A SMALL glimpse of my life outside of D

Having missed a few days of the suggested posts of National Health Blog Post Month I've decided to do a post completely off the list.  On Friday I saw a tweet come through from Alanna suggesting to everyone to write a post about #lifeoutsideofD.  I think it is a great idea so here is a small glimpse.  The plan is to be back on track with NHBPM tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed.

I had fully planned on having posts pre-written and schedule to automatically post over the long Thanksgiving weekend. That didn't work. I did have my Thanksgiving Day post all written. I even set the schedule to post it. Technical failure. I don't know what I did wrong. My daughter checked to make sure it posted (I didn't have much internet access) and she told me, "Mom... it's not there." *sigh* After a little bit of awkward texting she was able to get it posted for me.

If it weren't for my daughter, there are many times I feel I would be lost.. and bored. She'll be graduating High School this next May, and I'm not sure I will recognize my life afterwards. Over the last 18 years I have done so much for and with her that I will have a SIGNIFICANT amount of time on my hands. OK.. maybe not SIGNIFICANT, but there will be a lot more time for me to do things for me.

Don't get me wrong... I wouldn't change one minute of the last 18 years. OK... maybe there are a couple minutes I'd change. Like the time I told her for the fourteenth time to make her bed. Or maybe the time when one of her teachers called and said, "She's OK, she's just been hit in the head with a rifle.* Would you like us to take her to the ER, or do you want to pick her up?"

She has been one of my most supportive Type Awesomes. She even wrote her college application essay on how there is not a local sharps container exchange program. (She's is working on getting it submitted to the hospital and city officials in hopes of changing that.) She did T14ADAY and read each text to me and asked how close it was to reality.  She is one of the first to congratulate me on my A1C.  She knows it's just a number, but she also knows that a *WooHoo* or *high five* or *Way to go Mommy* goes a long way to making the day feel better.

My daughter is a huge part of my life outside of D.  She is also my best friend... and always will be.

{*My daughter was walking by the JROTC armed drill team while they were practicing.  The commander of the team tossed the rifle backwards right as she was passing him.  No stitches were required, but it did leave an AWESOME scar.  To this day the commander still feels guilty.}


  1. She sounds like a great daughter. Thanks for the glimpse!

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