Monday, October 29, 2012

Being Treated Normally

Not too often, when eating at friend's houses, do I not have to answer questions like, "Can you eat this?" or deal with a comment like, "I tried to make sure I cooked something I thought you could eat.".  Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE that my friends are aware and try to accommodate me.  It also gives me the chance to teach them more about the specifics and that I really can eat what I want, in moderation.  The more people out there that know more the better is it for everyone.  But there are times that it is nice to just be "one of the group".

Yesterday, my husband and I went over to some friend's house.  We had planned an afternoon of target shooting, but they wanted to feed us lunch first.  She was making homemade Navajo Tacos.  Everything was fresh made.  The beans had been cooking since early morning.  The meat mixture was being browned up while I sat there watching.  She even made the frybread from scratch and deep fried it while we chatted.  It was the best lunch (and we were sent home with the left overs).  When we got back, they even made smoothies for us.  A mixed bag of frozen fruit and some ice cream.  I was in heaven.

This couple knows that I have Type 1.  Her mother, before her passing, had just received her insulin pump.  Her mother wasn't diabetic, but had her pancreas removed a few prior so they new the drill of carb counting, injections, testing, etc.  We've talked about my diagnosis and the struggles and the successes.  I think it was because of this that not once did either of them say, "Is this OK for you to eat?" "Is there something else I can get you instead." "The fruit should be OK, but what about the ice cream." or any number of other questions/comments.  Maybe it was just me, but I LOVED it.  I felt.. normal.  I pointed this out to my husband while we were laying on the kitchen floor about six hours later waiting for a low to come up (did I say it was a yucky day bg-wise? No?.. it sucked!), and he just smiled.  He knows he doesn't 'get it' all the time, but he is awesome in letting me vent it all out when I need to.  Thanks Sweety!  And thank you deer friends for giving me a moment of normalcy, you'll never know how much it really meant.

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