Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Fall Yumminess

I love my garden this year!  Well, it's the first year we've had a garden in a very long time, but I still love it.  My daughter wanted to plant eggplants, because we love them so much.  We started from seed so it took a long time for plants to actually show, let alone produce anything edible.  Look at it now!  I'm so excited.

Baby Eggplant



  1. Beautiful photo! I often have Eggplant Parmesan at Olive Garden, but I have never once bought one or cooked one. How do you cook it?

    1. We aren't nearly as healthy as that, but I'll be planning on trying to cook eggplant parmesan this season since I'll have so many. Normally skin it, and cut it into French fry size pieces. Then batter them and fry them. SO TASTY!!

  2. I love Eggplant. I hope next season we can get started a little earlier and plant some. I usually just slice them and then add a cheesy sauce (non-dairy, of course for me) in a casserole, sometimes some tomato sauce, so sort of an eggplant parmesan variation.

    Yummy! Also good in so many different ways. grilled, in soup. Your fries sounds really good. I may have to try something like that.