Monday, September 9, 2013

Low before ice cream

Most of the time I am able to treat my lows in public without too much notice.  If I'm out shopping I grab a fruit snack from my purse and go peruse the greeting cards.  It's the perfect place to just stand there.  Now that I think about it, that would explain some of the cards I have at home. Hmm...

Last week, my church was getting together at a local ice cream shop to celebrate everyone who has a birthday in September (the best month of the year, if you ask me).  My husband and I had just finished grabbing a bite of dinner after having a tire replaced on my car.  Have you ever noticed that you always seem to be buying tires?  Or is that just me?  No?

I bolused for dinner but did not add on for ice cream even though I knew we were headed straight there.  Who knew how long it would take everyone to get there, when we would start, or what item on the menu demanded my attention.  I'm glad I waited, but I still went low.  Can I tell you how odd it is to go low while waiting to eat a very sweet dessert?  I had to treat because I was 52 but didn't want to treat too much because I wanted to have a decent sized dessert.  As I stated up top, I normally can treat lows in public without notice.  This time I couldn't.  I was sitting there talking with a friend, and I knew I wasn't making any sense.  I wasn't making any sense to me, how he understood me I'll never know.  I apologized and asked for about 10 minutes to recover.  I laid my head down on the table.. ah, the cold table.. and waited.  I'm sure it must have looked rather funny, but having people around me that knew and understood made it a much less embarrassing experience.

I was better in no time, and was able to proceed with sharing a banana split with my husband without further issue.. or a subsequent high later.


  1. I'm glad you were able to enjoy the banana split without paying for it later, but I can totally relate to lows like that. They totally bite.

    1. That was the best tasting banana split too. Instead of strawberry topping there was cherry topping. YUM!