Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It snuck up on me

I just sat down and was thinking about what I wanted to do for my birthday in two days and it dawned on me; today is September 24th. 

Here is a VERY brief list of things that happened on this day in history: 
  • In 1493 Columbus' 2nd expedition to the New World.
  • In 1789 - The U.S. Congress passed the First Judiciary Act.  
  • In 1896 F. Scott Fitzgerald was born.
  • In 1936 Jim Henson was born.
  • In 1960 The Enterprise, the first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, was launched.
  • In 1982 Prince's "1999" single was released.
  • In 1991 Children's author Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, died at age 87.
  • In 2004 I was diagnosed with diabetes.
I remember nearly every detail of that day, so it surprised me when I nearly missed it this year. 
Am I getting complacent with diabetes?  No. 
Am I forgetting about diabetes?  No. 
Am I still hoping and praying for a cure?  Yes. 
Do I still have days of frustration beyond all belief?  Yes. 
Am I going to celebrate today?  YES! 

Why?  Because I am alive and that in and of itself is worth celebrating.


  1. Happy diaversary! Have fun celebrating :) And happy early bday in two days!! :)

    1. Thanks Kelley! It'll be a fun filled week for sure. :)

  2. Your birthday and Diaversary in the same week. Here's to many more healthy years of living well with diabetes or without if there is a cure!

    1. Thanks Laddie! Yes.. many many more years. :D