Friday, April 12, 2013

#HAWMC Day 12 - Hindsight

HAWMC Prompt for today - "If you could go back in time and talk to yourself (or your loved one) on the day of diagnosis, what would you say?"

Lately I've had song lines, and movie quotes, and cliches running through my head like the opening sequence from the movie Contact (see.. it won't stop.. cliches, quotes, and scenes oh my!). Needless to say this prompt sent a song through my head. So bear with me...

If I could turn back time to the day that I was diagnosed.
If I could find a way to get me to listen.
I'd take back all those words that I said that hurt me.
And I'd stay a little bit more calm.

I would tell myself that it would be ok.. even though my world was shattered and I felt torn apart, it would be ok. I would have family and friends and (good) doctors there to help me. It wasn't the end of the world. In fact, it was a new beginning of being able to show how strong I really could be... and how weak (there is strength in weakness.. odd, I know... maybe a later post I'll delve into that one). I would tell myself to not be scared to say the word "diabetes". It wasn't poison coming from my mouth, it may sound funny at first, but say it and own it!

I would also tell myself to share more. Don't keep it hidden. It doesn't do any good to not share your story.. in fact it does a world of good TO share it, so do.  You never know who it will help.. it may even be you.

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