Friday, March 8, 2013

He's a keeper

We've all experienced the bad doctor.  You know the one.  They either lecture you because your A1C isn't below 7.0 or they don't listen when you explain something or they diagnosis you wrong.

Then there is the good doctor.  They give you a gold star sticker for any improvement or are genuinely interested in your newest technology.

I have many good doctors.  One in particular I really adore and would love to clone, but I really can't complain (too loudly) about all my others. 

Every now and then, though, even one of the good doctors goes the extra mile and makes me smile.  Yesterday I had my annual appointment with my gynecologist.  Not an appointment any woman looks forward to, but we do what we gotta do.  At my last appointment I didn't have George (my Dexcom 7+) or Daryl (my Dexcom G4).  This doctor is awesome when it comes to my diabetes.  Last year when I had surgery I talked to him about wearing my pump during, or at least as soon after the surgery as possible.  After explaining that they would disconnect during, but hook me back up as soon as I was awake (this worked very well for me and I didn't go high either) he said, "After all, you can take care of that part of you better than we can."  So yesterday when he noticed my sensor (hello!! it's not like it's huge or anything) he said, "Don't tell me.. does that track your blood sugars?"  He was so excited and had TONS of questions about it.  He had never heard of a CGM before.  I was excited too, after all, someone was genuinely interested and excited for me.  After all the 'real' questions, he did ask if it had a playlist on it too.  It does... all the greatest hits from Blunt Lancet.

I think this doctor is a keeper.  What do you think? 

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