Wednesday, March 1, 2017

As the dust settles

A few weeks ago I sent a cleaning crew in here to clear out the dust.

They did an excellent job *sneeze* and now I'm ready *cough* to begin again.  *sneeze sneeze*

For those who are curious, yes I'm still in an exercise competition with my best friend.  As with years past we have increased the monthly mile goal and added extra components.  The two main items we added this year was stairs and a daily 7 Minute Workout.

I am always excited about stairs, as anyone who has gone walking with me will attest to, so the addition of stairs made me smile.  Then I saw what our monthly goal of stairs was.  For the first few months it was no big deal as we slowly build up.  My office is on the 3rd floor of the building, so achieving 4 or even 10 flights a day can easily be accomplished.  However, come September the daily goal is 20 flights.  So the last quarter of the year if you need me, look in the stairwell.

The other addition, the 7 Minute Workout, was to replace our daily core exercises.  We needed a variety daily and this fit the bill perfectly.  The app was inexpensive and comes with one pack of exercises.  The additional packs can be earned by reaching certain achievements.  For example, after one full month of exercises daily you can earn "for free" the bonus pack 2.  Bonus pack 3 can be earned after two solid months of exercises... or as I like to refer to it as "two months of torture to save 99 cents".  So far, for the year, the various packs have done me well.  The variety is great.  7 minutes is really no time at all.  The problem that I keep having is remembering that I haven't done it as I stand in the shower.  I need to work on that.

A few weeks ago I also attended my fourth Diabetes UnConference.  As always, it was amazing, fulfilling, and worth every cent and second I invested in it.  No group of people on Earth fills my heart quite like my Tribe.

So with this brief update on the life and times of Jenn I leave you with this (it is from a greeting card that I saved and have hanging in my office):

May your days be warm, bright, blue, nice, and full of hugs!

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