Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Month 1 of second quarter

Okay.  I know I've not been posting much diabetes related items lately, but that will change soon.  Next week, May 11 through the 17th is Diabetes Blog Week.  Check it out the details here.  I plan on getting a post in everyday. 

That's the plan.

Now.. onto other business.

April was the fourth month in my exercise competition.  It was the first month that the mileage goal was increased.  The goal was 50 miles.  After March's accomplishment I didn't think that 50 miles would be difficult to reach, and it wasn't.

The hard part was reaching it FIRST!

Friday, April 17th, at the end of the work day I was at 45.93 miles.  My best friend was right around the same.  She had planned an evening of exercise and a morning run.  I had family coming into town.  It was going to be tricky.  I wanted to do an evening walk but didn't get that far because ... family.  We stayed up too late and talked. 

However, I was determined. 

I set my alarm for right before sunrise, laid my clothes and shoes out ready to be jumped into, and made sure my iPod was charged.  I listen to a book while walking, and I was coming up on the middle of The Neverending Story.  (Side note:  The movie ends at the middle of the book.  Movie 2 picks up from there to the end.  It's VERY different, but a lot of movie adaptations are)

6:30 am the alarm went off.

6.45 am I was out the door.

I walked.  I saw a great sunrise. 

Some beautiful yards and a great view of a golf course. 

I hadn't walked this area before, so it was all new.  I didn't figure I'd get lost, after all I had my phone with me.  GPS for the win!

When I finished the loop I headed back home.  Other people were now out and walking their dogs and the golf course maintenance crew was out putting the water coolers.

About 3 houses from home I hit the 4.1 mile mark.  I DID IT!!  I was so tempted to text my friend right then, but I wanted to make sure I had the full distance in first.  My front step was 4.21 miles.  That brought me to a total of 50.14.

For those keeping track, that didn't completely confirm my win.  Remember we added water intake goals?  Yup, if I didn't hit my water goal I would have LOST .25 miles.  That would have sucked!  I knew I had until 6pm to drink the water, but that was pushing it way to close for my comfort.  However, I couldn't walk another block.  I've been dealing with some neuropathy in my left heel, and it was letting me know it wasn't happy with me.

Thankfully, my friend didn't run that Saturday morning, so I was basically safe.  I finished my water I plenty of time and my April win was official.

I also still had 12 days left in April.  I didn't quite beat my March total but was darn close.  Had April had 31 days, or I not missed so many water days, I totally would have.

April (goal of 50 miles):
Miles walked: 49.61
Minutes exercised: 945 = 31.5 miles
Water intake 24/31 days = 4.5 miles
TOTAL: 85.61 miles
May will be a bit trickier of  a month.  My Wednesday morning yoga class has been cancelled until further notice (the instructor is having serious health issues - if you're a pray-er, please pray for her).  The thermometer is now beginning to work against me.  My afternoon walks at work, have turned into morning walks, and soon they'll be before work walks. 
Stay tuned.


  1. Yay! You've totally got May... no problem (how's that for optimism?). And... I'm looking forward to Diabetes Blog Week too.

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence Stephen! We've been alternating win months, and I REALLY want to break that cycle. :D

  2. Wow, you are rocking these monthly challenges!! I'm so impressed!!

    And thanks for the DBlogWeek shout-out. You will rock that too!

    1. Thanks Karen! I'm totally enjoying the challenges. My daily walk is just that.. daily. If I miss it, it's like missing my morning coffee.

      Thanks for the vote of confidence on DBlogWeek. I'm keeping my typing fingers limber. :)