Friday, April 3, 2015

Miles and miles further than I ever expected

I survived the first quarter of 2015.  Exercise competition in place and I'm kicking butt!

For those keeping track I didn't win in January or March, but I did in February.  (Need a refresher on what I'm talking about?  Go here). 

We added a water intake component, because face it, we probably aren't drinking anywhere near enough water.  And by water I don't mean the stuff that has been filter through heavenly beans and smells delicious first thing in the morning, nor the stuff with bubbles and Diet Coke syrup added. 

My best friend and I discussed how important water intake is, and yet how much we both don't like water.  I usually add a squirt of lemon juice, lime juice, or both to a cupful so it is more palatable for me.  We decided that we needed to babystep our intake up to where we should be.  If you try to be at the finish line before you take your first step you'll end up sitting back down, metaphorically speaking.

February's water intake was 32 ounces by the end of the workday, Monday through Friday.  If we accomplished that we could add 1/4 of a mile to our daily total.  If we didn't, we had to subtract 1/4 of a mile.  I admit, there were a couple days where I was gulping the last little bit as I was gathering my keys to  head out the door.

March's water intake was 48 ounces by the end of the workday, Monday through Friday, and by 6pm Saturday and Sunday.  This was a bit more of a challenge.  I was doing good with the workday intake.  I have my special cup that is a perfect 32 ounces.  It isn't insulated, so the ice melts (which is perfect) and one and a half times through it and I was set.  The problem came when I was at home on the weekends.  I didn't have my special cup.  Trying to figure out which cups I could use to get the same amount was fun.  Thankfully I have an old insulated mug from the hospital.  It is also 32 ounces.  Problem though... it's insulated.  That means the ice DOESN'T melt, so I wasn't getting the full 32 ounces once I heard the slurping through the straw.  I managed though and only missed the daily intake on four days (two of which I was out of town).

April's water intake is 72 ounces each day.  Here it is, day 3, and I've made far.  Can I say that is a LOT of water!  I know, I know, it's probably no where near the amount I should be drinking in a day, but baby steps, remember? 

Here are my mile totals for the year:

January (goal of 40 miles):
Miles walked: 27.99
Minutes exercised:  495 (30min = 1 mile) 16.5 miles
TOTAL:  44.49 miles
February (goal of 40 miles):
Miles walked: 29.02
Minutes exercised: 450 = 15 miles
Water intake 15/17 days: 2.25 miles
TOTAL:  46.27 miles
March (goal of 40 miles):
Miles walked: 45.13
Minutes exercised: 1050 = 35 miles
Water intake 27/31 days = 5.75 miles
TOTAL:  85.88 miles
What do you think of that March total?  Pretty awesome, huh?  Garden prep and weed pulling can really add up!  What makes me most proud is that I actually WALKED more than the monthly goal! 
Now that it's the second quarter of the year, our monthly mile goal is 50 miles.  Looking at March, that shouldn't be a problem.  However, I think I've picked most of the weeds in my yard.  I do have a few other outside chores.  Can we say, cleaning gravel and replacing weed barrier? 
If you need me, I'll be outside. 
Come join me and bring a jug of water with you.  We're going to need it.


  1. Super great, Jenn! So glad your foot is allowing you to up your activity level.

    I'm always amazed at how much I really like ice water and how often I drink other things....

    1. I'm glad that my foot is allowing me to walk too. It reminds me daily that it isn't happy, but it hasn't stopped me yet.

  2. Yesterday I went to the sports club again after quite some time. They welcomed me with a sign saying "After doing sports I need a break - for about two or three years."
    Johann K.

    1. I think more gyms should have that posted! It is great saying.

  3. This is fantastic! Way to go, Jenn. You are an inspiration. (PS: I have plenty of to come over?)

    1. Hahaha!! I don't want to take away your opportunity for exercise. I'll leave your weeds for you. Just think of me as inspiration when you walk outside. ;-D