Monday, February 10, 2014

Pain in the .. back?

Tomorrow begins a new adventure for me.

Tomorrow I begin physical therapy for my back... my butt... for my pain.

Last week I went to my orthopedic about a pain I've been dealing with in my lower back.  He went through all the regular questions.  He had me move this way, and that way, and walk, and balance on my toes, and spin in circles.  Ok, maybe not spin in circles, but I definitely felt like if there had been music I'd be dancing.  He pushed and poked and located the exact spot that I had been complaining about.  Why do they always poke the hardest on the spot that hurts the most?

I have trochanteric bursitis in my left hip so he wanted to confirm that the trochanter tendon on my right side was good.  It is.  One less thing to worry about.  He did find the spot that is giving me grief now, and it is technically a joint.  I say "technically" because it sure doesn't look like any joint I remember studying in biology.  It doesn't have a large normal range of motion either, only 1-3 millimeters.  It is the sacroiliac joint on my right side that is irritated.

How did I irritate it?  THAT is a good question, and one we've not been able to figure out.  We may never figure it out, but that's OK as long as I can work through it and make the pain stop.

Hopefully Miss Physical Therapy will do just that.