Tuesday, October 15, 2013

D in the wild

My husband and I have been wanting to replace one of our couches with recliners.  The couch is a dark brown with orange-ish specks hide-a-bed.  It really has served us well over the years, but we're wanting something different.  And we want to put our feet up in the evenings.

There are many a few specifications that I want.  The back can't be too high, or too low.  The seat can't wrap around or be too deep, and I have to have enough room to sit cross legged (perfect book reading position).  On the other hand, the seat has to sit down far enough to make the arm rests truly that... rests, not items three inches below my bent arm.    The colour has to be just the right mix to hide as much cat fur as possible.  With four cats ranging in colour from white to nearly black, I know that will be difficult.  We also don't have the most space, so size is an issue.  Needless to say, sales people love me.

The second place we went to we had the best sales rep.  He wasn't pushy and showed us everything that fit our criteria.  At one point, as I was standing up from one chair, he asked, "So how long have you had diabetes?"  It took me just a second to realize that my pump wasn't hiding under my shirt.  I told him when I was diagnosed.  He said he had just recently found out that his blood sugars were higher than what his doctor liked.  He was going to be going in for a glucose tolerance test soon.  He admitted to being a little nervous about the outcome.  I reassured him that, if the results came back with not so good news, He Could Do This.

I hope his results come back with great news.. but if they don't, I hope to see him around here.  The DOC family always has open arms!!

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