Friday, February 22, 2013

She's a Big Girl

I was chatting with a good friend this morning about insulin pumps vs. injections. We were talking about how sometimes when doing injections in public people will look at you weird. They may whisper, point, and be rather rude about it making you feel very self-conscience.  It's not like we stand up on the table and do a dance to get everyone's attention. 

It reminded me of a time my husband and I went to Taco Bell. It was a little past lunchtime in the middle of the week. We just about had the place to ourselves. I did not have "Freeda" (my insulin pump) yet, so I was pulling out the vial and filling my syringe. A couple tables away there was a mom and her little girl waiting for their to go order. The girl was maybe 3 or 4 years old. I was doing the best I could to keep everything as descreet as possible, but little kids have radar. That little girl had been running around and when she saw the needle she climbed up in her mom's lap and said:

"Mommy.. that lady is getting a shot." I looked up and the mom looked at me. She smiled and said, "Yes she is. She has to do that so she can eat." The little girl looked at me and then turned back to her mom. "I don't have to get a shot so I can eat. I had to get a shot once. You remember Mommy? I cried. That ladys not going to cry cuz she's a big girl, huh Mommy?"
At that m oment their order was called, so they got their food and left.  As they walked out the little girl smiled at me and waved bye.  The little girl was not scared and didn't look at me like I was a monster either.  It was so refreshing to witness the whole interaction.  Knowing that that little girl will remember that forever makes me what to thank that mom even more.  She did so much in those two minutes for her daughter, for me, and for all of us.  THANK YOU!


  1. That story really put a smile on my face!

    1. It does me too, and give me hope for the future generations.