Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Redesigning a doctor's office/hospital room - Post 7

Today's suggestion was to redesign a doctor's office or hospital room. I had grand plans to draw one up with full color and magazine cut outs like I used to do in elementary school. However, that fell through as I didn't get my extra time like I did I yesterday. So I'm going to do my best to paint a word picture.

My doctor's office isn't too bad actually. It is right at the top of the stairs, so you get your exercise getting there. There are a few live plants in the waiting area and the check in counter is low enough to accommodate. I also love the fact that there is NOT a TV there. I always carry a book, or two, with me so I enjoy not having the distraction of a TV. I would improve the room by adding a skylight. There is just something about natural light that is comforting. One of my English teacher's in high school would never have the lights on in her classroom. She said the "flicker factor" on the fluorescent lights was bad for us. One entire wall of that classroom was windows that looked out over the rest of the school. I really liked that class.

Once I get back to the exam room, there isn't much room to work with, so maybe make everything able to fold up and stuck in the walls, like a wall bed? It would be much less intimidating especially for little ones. Imagine the fun they would have being allowed to push the button that would bring the table out of the magic wall. The blood pressure cuff and oxygen monitor could also be in their own magic cupboard.  There would also be one special cupboard, that would change randomly each visit, that had a prize in it.

I must say, that would make my day at the doctor's office.  That was the yuckiest part of growing up.. no more prizes at the doctor's office.

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