Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Exercise Catch up... I really have been exercising

SO... I just realized that February was my last Exercise Competition check in.  Talk about slacking!  Thankfully I haven't been that much of a slacker in the actual exercising... at least not until recently (I'll get into that in a paragraph or two).

Let's start with some housekeeping:

March (goal of 50 miles):
Miles walked: 20.49
Minutes exercised: 970 = 32.33
Water intake: 26/31 days = 5.25
Core completed: 8/31 days = -3.00
TOTAL: 55.07 miles

April (goal of 60 miles):
Miles walked: 32.84
Minutes exercised: 1,390 = 46.33
Water intake: 25/30 days = 5.00
Core completed: 15/30 days = 0
TOTAL: 84.17 miles

May (goal of 60 miles):
Miles walked: 14.38
Minutes exercised: 1,200 = 40
Water intake: 25/31 days = 4.75
Core completed: 19/31 days = 1.40
TOTAL: 60.53 miles

June (goal of 60 miles):
Miles walked: 7.71
Minutes exercised: 1,885 = 62.83
Water intake: 27/30 days = 6.00
Core completed: 17/30 days = 0.80
TOTAL: 77.34 miles

Notice a trend?  Other than I am significantly below where I was last year, core seems to be something I will shrug off.  I really shouldn't as not only would it help with.. well.. bell flab, but it will also help with the sacroiliac issue that I continue to battle.  Yet... I just am not motivated to do the core.

Come to find out... neither is she.  We thought that maybe we increased the daily requirements to quickly, so we back off for the 2nd quarter.

Nope.  We still slacked.  

When confession time happened we both admitted to doing an extra lap around the block, or another 10-15 minutes to make up for what we would lose.  This was completely counterproductive.

We decided we needed to up the consequences.  We debated different ideas but settled on an "all or nothing" approach.  Complete water AND core or lose the mileage for both.  We didn't change the time for water completion, that still had to be done by 5pm, but if we didn't finish core by midnight we would lose the water miles.  

Can I tell you something?  This sucks!  I don't know why I don't do the core.  I really isn't that bad, especially if I were to spread it out throughout the day.  A total of 200 second of wall sits is easily completed while waiting for my lunch to heat in the microwave.  20 squats can be done while brushing my teeth.  20 crunchies is easy to accomplish, especially when playing with the cat.  200 seconds of planks... this is where I falter.  I could/should break it up to 5 sets of 40 seconds.  That would be simple.  Looking for my shoes under the bed takes that long.  Then why am I not doing them?

I. Don't. Know.  But I need to break the mental block.  

Lately.. I've been slacking a lot more.  Maybe it's because it is danged hot outside.  Maybe it's because life got busier.. or I think it has.  Maybe I was relying on my morning workouts more than I should have, and not my walks.  Maybe I need to get to sleep before the next day so that I can get up earlier and do my walks and watch the sunrise.  

I can maybe until the cows come home, but that doesn't solve my problem.  I *KNOW* that after any workout I not only feel better physically, but mentally as well.  I *KNOW* the soreness and pain will subside and my endurance will increase.  Yet I *DON'T KNOW* how to push the activate button to get me moving consistently.

This slump will end, that I am certain, but will it end before July is over?  July's goal is 70 miles and I am currently at 43.51.  I have another 26.49 to complete in 12 days.  I have no doubt that I will not win July, but I really don't want to have to pay the "laziness penalty".

Friday, May 20, 2016

2016 Diabetes Blog Week: The Healthcare Experience

Most people who live with a chronic illness end up with a lot of experience when it comes to dealing with healthcare.  How would you improve or change your healthcare experience?  What would you like to see happening during medical visits with your healthcare team?  How about when dealing with your health insurance companies?  What's your Healthcare Wish List or Biggest Frustration?  Today is the day to share it all.

(Yes.. this prompt was supposed to be yesterday's but life got hectic and I didn't get anything written.  My goal is to catch up by tonight.  We'll call it #BlogGoals.)

This is a LOADED question and I'm sure many have sounded off on insurance issues, physicians not listening issues, being rushed issues, and a number of other issues that just add to the frustration of living with a basically invisible disease.

How would I improve my healthcare experience?  Other than not having to go ALL THE TIME, I would like to see more personal interaction.  My endo's office is the perfect example.  They all know me there... true, I'm there every three months for an appointment, and additionally once a month for our local networking group, but still.  I feel welcomed, at home, and totally heard on everything.  My doctor, herself, is always checking on me.  Her first question each time is "How are YOU doing?".  She doesn't ask about numbers, or insulin, or test strips, or anything traditionally diabetes related.  She asks about ME.  If there is even the slightest "eh" in my voice she puts everything down and we talk first.  THAT, in and of itself, is huge in my book.  It reminds me that I'm still human.  I'm still a person.  I'm not a disease.

Dealing with health insurance companies?  That is a headache and a half.  I've been blessed to have very good insurance coverage, but that doesn't mean there haven't been problems.  Some of the carries I've had people have had MAJOR issues with, but mine seem to minor when looked at in comparison.  I've had the "limiting test strips" battle and the "must switch insulin" battle.  I've dealt with having to switch supply companies because the one I loved wasn't on the preferred panel of my new insurance.  I've had supply companies be bought by someone else, and therefore their services and how they bill items change, which caused denials by my insurance.  That was a battle that thankfully ended in my favor and not out of my wallet.

My Healthcare Wish List:  my own parking spot (I'm there often enough), a prepaid Starbucks card for reward after my A1C is checked, and to be able to get what I need when I need it without any extra battles or exceptions.