Sunday, November 11, 2012

Healthy Facebook? - Post 10

Today I choose to write about whether or not we should post about our health/loved one's health on Facebook.

To share or not to share.. that is the question.  Is it really any different than sharing about my health on Twitter?  No, not really.  Either way puts your information out into the cyberworld for all to see.  The benefits of that are enormous (ie: the DOC), but the downfalls are there too.  How many of us have received spam email about a miracle cure? 

To share or not to share someone else's information.  That is actually an easier question to answer: Only if asked too.  My stance on any information or story of someone else's, be it health, good news, bad news, etc. is that is isn't my information/story to share.

So should we post about our health on Facebook?  It's your call.

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