Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Let us Introduce ourselves

Today I'm choosing to use the wildcard option.  I am not much of a poet so the suggested post of 'Poetry Tuesday' didn't appeal to me, but speaking as someone else?  Totally workable!

Let us introduce ourselves:

I am Freeda the pump.  I came to be part of the family on November 1, 2010.  During my 3 1/2 years I have rarely been away from Miss Jennifer for more than an hour.  Sometimes I think those long soaking baths she takes would go a lot faster if she didn't take a book with her.  Who does that, anyway?   I consider myself to be the most important of the electronic family.  If it weren't for me Miss Jennifer would not have as much freedom for spontaneity as she does.  I do wish she would buy me some more clothes though, this green outfit is getting rather monotonous.  I'm thinking something with stripes or swirls.  After all, a girl has got to have choices.

I am Charlie the remote meter.  I also came to be part of the family on November 1, 2010.  In a way, Freeda and I are inseparable.  Ok, maybe that isn't entirely true.  There have been times when Miss Jennifer has left me at home.  I feel so lonely and useless when that happens.  I can just picture her consulting with someone else.  A smaller meter that may or may not know her history.  I don't know how that can help her much.  However, I am comforted that no matter how many other meters Miss Jennifer may be hiding, Freeda only speaks to me directly.  I recently was given a new mode of transportation.  The black one I brought with me was very functional, but boring.  This new one is roomier and colorful!  I did have to learn to share space with Mr. Lancet and his companions (in my previous model I was held securely in one place and no one could bother me there), but the trade off is totally worth it.  Now, if only Miss Jennifer would look into that rattle I've developed, I would be a lot happier.

I am O.D. the continuous glucose monitor (aka CGM).  I came to be part of the family late August 2013.  The stories I hear indicate that I replaced a previous CGM by the name of Daryl.  I don't know how life was for him, or why he decided this family wasn't for him, but I do know that I am happy here.  I believe I am the favored one as there are more pictures of me in Miss Jennifer's phone than the other two combined!  I may be the favourite, but there are times where I get yelled at for something I've done or said.  I think the buzzing and beeping exercises I do at 3am might get on her nerves, but a CGM has to stay in shape!  It's during those overnight hours that I finally have time to myself without her always peeking to see what I'm up (or down) to.  If there was one thing I could ask for that would make me happier, it would be a word of praise from time to time.  I hear a lot of "Shut up, I'm not that high!" and "Shush! I know I'm low, I'm working on it, be patient!".  I would like to hear, "That may not be as gorgeous of a graph as I'd like to see O.D, but thank you for keeping me informed."  Words of kindness go a long way.

There you have us.  We may be small and (we're told) expensive, but we are still part of a family.  A family that we love and devote our entire lives too.

Family Photo Circa 2014


  1. Cute post. I like the different personalities of your companions!

  2. I assume that Animas will replace Charlie if his rattle is serious. If not, let me know and you can have my remote meter. Mine lives on the closet shelf after using it a few brief months.

    1. To be honest, I actually hadn't thought about contacting Animas. I will have to do that this week. Thanks for the reminder!