Tuesday, April 23, 2013

#HAWMC - No Social Media - Day 23

An optional suggestion for today's topic was "How would your life change if there was no social media?" 

How would my life change... hmm... 
  • I would probably be finished working on the Christmas project that I started last July, that I had originally planned on giving them last Christmas. 
  • I would have a slightly cleaner house that was mopped on a more regular basis.
  • I would have a shorter stack of books by my bedside.. (ok.. no I wouldn't, I would just have read more and there would be different books).
  • I would have a lot fewer pictures on my phone.
  • I would still be thinking that I'm alone in my struggles.
  • I would not have someone to chat with at 2am when I'm trying to bring up a low without eating the entire kitchen.
  • I would be in the dark about a lot of tips and tricks on how to deal with highs and lows.
  • I would not have some of the most awesome friends from around the country, and the world. 
I have heard it said that social media is the downfall of society.  I disagree.  There are areas in my life that may be better if social media didn't exist, but overall... I am better for it.


  1. Me too. I think it really does something special for those of us who deal with an isolating thing like diabetes.

  2. Nothing can match the special feeling of family we get from the DOC. FACT!