Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Catching up on #HAWMC Days 1-3

Sooo... I realize it is April 3rd... and that the Health Activist Writer's Month started on the 1st... and that I'm late. Oops.

That's what catching up is for, right? I thought so too.

Day 1 - Getting Started!

Why do I write about my health online? A couple reasons, actually. Writing about my health, helps me to look back and see what I was thinking about at the time. Sometimes it works so much better than a log book! I write online because it allows me to share.. and typing is so much faster than pen and paper. I got started by reading other blogs. They showed me that sharing wasn't a bad thing. Often times it was more comforting than anything else.

Day 2 - Introductions

My condition is Type 1 Diabetes. I was originally diagnosed as Type 2, two days before my 29th birthday. It was six years before I was able to get it corrected. Five things I would like you to know about my condition and activism. 
  1. I didn't want T1D (type 1 diabetes), but I am thankful for it.  It has opened me up to a whole new world of awesome people.
  2. T1D is a pain in the backside!!  and fingertips, and stomach, and head, and bank account. 
  3. I am the only one in my family with T1D... and that was the best news !
  4. My activism is just getting started.  In fact, next weekend is my second JDRF walk, but my first being on the committee.  I am excited.
  5. My sharing on this blog varies.  Most of the time it is about my diabetes, but sometimes I just have to brag about my daughter (I'm one proud Mama Bear).  Either way, I hope you get something from it.  Even if you didn't, know this.. *I* got something from writing it.
Day 3 - Wordless Wednesday

A picture that symbolizes my condition and my experiences... This is a tough one..

This picture may seem a little odd.  Let's look at it this way.. the ocean is HUGE and no one can see the other side from where they stand.  The possibilities are ENDLESS and there so much yet to explore and learn.  Just like diabetes, we can't see the cure from where we stand, and there is so much yet to learn.  My experiences have been both great, and horrid.  Last but not least, this shows I'm not alone.  I am only one little drop in this ocean, and without others I would have dried up years ago.

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