Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2013 Diabetes Goals

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My list of Diabetes goals for 2013
One of the goals that I have for 2013, diabetically speaking, I have already achieved. January 4th I had my regularly scheduled endo appointment. I wasn't expecting to leave with a LOWER A1C, but I did. I had hoped to have a lower than 7 sometime in 2013. I just wasn't expecting it to be four days in... and AFTER the holidays!
Goal 1: Have a lower than 7.0 A1C = CHECK
Goal 2: More than one no hitter day on my CGM in a month/week =
Goal 3: Purchase extra 'clothes' for my pump =
Goal 4: Actually order my G4 before the 'upgrade discount' expires =
Goal 5: Exercise consistently for longer than 3 weeks =
Goal 6: Figure out a more attractive D-bag =
I'm sure I could.. and I know I do.. have more goals. Some of these are trivial and really have nothing to do with my physcial health, but they make me smile.


  1. A goal that makes you smile is a worthy goal to have on your list! :-)

    1. Thanks Scott! It's true...we should all smile when we achieve our goals, no matter what they are. :-D