Monday, April 13, 2015

My 2015 JDRF walk

The annual JDRF walk for my area was this last Saturday.  It was an absolutely perfect day for a walk.  There were a few puffy clouds, the temperature was about 72 degrees, and I had some of my best Type 3's with me.  (My daughter was not able to join us this year as she is away at college.)  Last year my walk team consisted of me and my best friend, so I was excited to have this year's team bigger.

My husband, my niece, Me, my Best Friend, and her daughter
My fund raising efforts increased this year compared to last, and I actually doubled what I was able to raise.  I consider that good progress.  Maybe next year I can double this year's amount.  Goal is now set.

Last year I didn't have any team t-shirt.  I hadn't thought that far into it.  However, while you're walking you see all sorts of cool shirts and start thinking.. and talking.  My best friend and I decided this year we HAD to have shirts.  So for the next however many months we tasked ourselves with figuring out exactly what we wanted. 

After a bit of research and creativity we finally had it figure out.  It was about a month before the walk.  We were a bit pressed for time, but off to the printers it went. 

The final result was so much more than I expected.  I couldn't have been more pleased or excited with how they turned out.

Perfect, don't you think?

In typical best friend fashion, she went above and beyond.  I logged in to my Facebook Saturday morning and was greeted with a surprise.  The day she drove up for the walk (she lives about 3 hours away), she took the shirts to work and put together a virtual walk team for me.


She even made sure friends and family were part of the team. 


Is that not the best virtual team you've seen?  I think it is! 
The next surprise I had was when a couple people contact me about possibly buying one of the shirts.  So we did some calculations, $25 and we can have one made and shipped to you.  If you're interested, just leave a comment (or email me at and I'll get with you for the specifics.
This year's walk was amazing.. and next year's will be even better!!

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