Monday, March 11, 2013

Pain in the butt.. I mean hip.

You know those never ending cycles that annoy us all?  The ones where if you do something it causes something else which makes you do, or not do, a third thing and that leads you back to the first thing which leads you back to the second and the third time and time and time again?  Ya.. those. 

Mine is this:  I walk.  My hip hurts.  I stop walking.  Blood sugars and mental state are affected.  I walk.  My hip hurts.  I stop walking.  Blood sugars and mental state are affected.. etc. etc. etc.

Let me explain...

I have trochanteric-bursitis in my left hip.  It reared it's ugly head after my family trip to Disneyland in 2001.  At first I thought I had gone on too many roller coasters and was dealing with sciatica pain.  My entire leg ached all the time, and if I moved it just right (wrong) I would get a stabbing pain that ran down the outside of my leg, circled my knee and ended in my ankle.  It felt like it 'twanged'.  To get in and out of my car, I had to sit down and swing both legs at the same time.  Quite the sight, let me tell you.  

Figuring it was a result of too much roller coastering, I went to the chiropractor.  I don't go too often, but when I do, I really enjoy it.  The warm towels, the zappy muscle relaxer thingy (..side thought.. how does this interact with a Dexcom sensor? anyone know?) , the feeling better afterwards.  Everything was good the first few visits.  I still had the twanging though.  One visit, it didn't go so well.  One movement just to stretch my leg sent a twang that instantly brought tears to my eyes.  I may or may not have screamed.  OK.. I did.  IT HURT!!

I went to an orthopedic to determine the real problem.  That's when I was diagnosed with trochanteric-bursitis.  I tried telling the doctor that I was too young for hip problems, but he just laughed.  I think he said something like, "Well.. you're just mature beyond your years."  We also discovered that my legs are different lengths.  Not by much, but enough to cause the problem.  (My left leg is about a 1/4 inch longer than my right.)  I have an insert I put in all my shoes to help compensate.  This had helped immensely!  I can really tell if I haven't been using it.  I also take naproxen sodium twice a day to help with the inflammation and pain.  If I don't take it.. it is only a matter of 2-3 days and it hurts to walk, sit, drive, move, etc.  There are different exercises and stretches that help.. and I do them.  They make me look like a pretzel lying in the middle of my living room, but they help.

Now jump forward 12 years...wait.. don't jump, it'll hurt.  This pain has been rearing it's ugly head again.  I am still taking the naproxen and still doing the stretches.. but the pain is back.  I have been walking more, and really enjoying it.  The walks help clear my head and get me through the afternoon at work easier..not to mention they do GREAT for my post lunch blood sugars.  But are the walks causing the pain?  According to everything I've been reading.. and remembering.. yes.  So here's my dilemma.. do I stop the walking to stop the pain?  Do I dose up on more naproxen, or something else (not a good choice for my working organs)?  I don't consider either of these options workable.  I'll be meeting with my doctor the beginning of April.  Hopefully she will have a suggestion. 

In the meantime, I sit here on a block of ice (..having insulin home delivered is beneficial, those ice packs come in handy..) deciding if my lunch walk today is worth it.


  1. Aw man, that sucks, Jenn, I'm sorry.

    I think the best approach is to talk with your doc. April is right around the corner. Maybe slow down the walks until you can get in?

    Speaking of slowing down - would that do anything? Like, literally change the speed that you walk?

  2. Thanks Scott. It is on the top of my list to talk to my doc about.

    Hmm...actually slowing down. I'll have to try that. I will need to change my playlist on my iPod. It's hard to walk slow to Bon Jovi...maybe a little Josh Groban instead. ;)